when I see you again

My cousin died from a motorcycle accident.

i can’t even begin to comprehend what i’m feeling right now. I’m all out crying.

He was already a senior in college,just like me. Engineering. yeah, i know. i’ve heard the word “sayang” in his wake and funeral about a thousand times.

we weren’t really that close, but we always hung out and drink during holidays or whenever they drop by and give us a surprise visit. they live about 3 hours away but their family often stops by our house whenever they can. he was truly one of my favorites.

he was the jolliest. you would never see him frown. he always,always wears a smile on his face. he lightens up every room he enters. whatever you’re going through,he can brighten up your day. he has this weird intonation when he speaks which¬†everyone absolutely adores. but most of all, he was kind. he was a good son, a good brother, a good cousin, a good friend.

I’ll be seeing you again someday. Let’s talk more,then. Bye for now,Pajo


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