Oh Time, My Old Friend

I love how time gradually erased you from my memory. First to drift away was your features. The mental image of your face started to fade. I forgot how exactly your eyes look like, even the curve of your lips when you smile. Then, your voice came next. This was a tricky one because I loved your voice. The way you sing to me, how sweet it was when you call my name. The exact timbre of your laugh. I thought I would keep all of it in my memory. But time was a good friend. He came and took away all these bits and pieces from my mind. Time knows all they would do is hurt me.

Last was how you made me feel. I almost didn’t want Time to take it. Because you made me feel special, you made me feel loved. You made me feel like I can do anything. But those positive feelings tie up to what came next. Towards the end you made me feel insufficient. Your condescending words made me feel inferior. These feelings were too strong, it was almost impossible to take away, but at some point, almost too subtle to notice, they were gone. But feelings leave scars. No amount of time can erase those. Scars left by emotions are engraved lessons.

Oh darling, you were so, so wrong for me. It feels so good to be rid of you; mind, soul and body.