Latin poetry, anyone?

A lot of people label me as pretentious.

Let’s see. I like poetry, on some occasions, I use highfalutin words (sometimes even when I know it’s unnecessary), I listen to classical music for pleasure, I enjoy reading Latin writings, I spend quite a lot of time looking at and appreciating abstract art, and I love sharing historical facts and trivia. I am also aware that I tend to point out grammar mistakes and the like.

Aside from the fact that I may have offended some people when I corrected their mistakes (I promise, I did it in a polite manner), I don’t understand why many find my hobbies annoying. I think it’s simply a conflict of interests. What they don’t realize is that that’s just one side of me.

Goddamn, I really do sound arrogant as fuck, don’t I? To hell with it, call me pretentious if you like.